Globe Valve

Globe Valve

Globe Valve

ANCES Co., Ltd. is a distributor of industrial valves, including Globe Valves, which are commonly used in the designs of water and steam systems (steam valves), automatic control systems. To help our readers, customers of ANCES Co., Ltd have more understanding about the structure and operating principles of Globe Valves, we would like to present the most general article about Globe Valves for readers to have a good view about this valve.

What is Globe Valve?

Globe Valve are used for the regulation of flow in a pipeline. They are used to control or prevent the flow of liquid or gas through a pipe. The ball valve is named after a shape – spherical with the two halves of the valve body separated by a flow control (baffle) inside the valve body.

Globe valve is known as a pneumatic Globe valve, saddle Globe valve, a junction Globe valve or an S Globe valve due to the nature used for the application and the shape of the Globe valve that is known by its name. The Globe valve is in the form of a threaded Globe valve and a flanged Globe valve is in the form of a Globe valve. If it is a control Globe valve, only the flanged Globe valve.

Structure and operation principle of Globe valve

The globe valve seat is located in the middle and parallel to the pipe, and the hole in the seat is closed with a disc or pin. Globe valves can be configured to control the flow in both directions.

Although globe valves have a higher pressure drop than gate valves and ball valves, they can be used when the pressure through the valve drops is not a control factor. The globe valve also features a movable disc-type unit and a fixed circular cushion seat in the spherical body. The globe valve is also known as the throttle valve. The threaded globe valve is available in sizes DN15 to DN50 specifically DN15, DN20, DN25, DN32, DN40 và DN50 and the flanged bridge valve is DN50, DN64, DN80, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400, DN450, DN500, DN600, DN700, DN800 working pressure PN10, DN16, PN25, PN40…

Practical Application of Globe Valve

The most common application of the globe valve is standard water flow control. When the hand is turned, the disc will be lowered or raised. When the disc has been completely lowered, the water supply will turn off. When the disc is fully raised, the water flow is at maximum.In industrial automation applications or even in automation applications in HVAC systems, the globe valve can be fitted with an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator instead of a crank mechanism, and This is called an electric ball valve or a pneumatic control ball valve.

Flow control is located inside the ball valve to help direct the flow. Globe valves are often unsuitable for slurry due to interference with the bulkhead.

Due to its sensitivity to pressure and susceptibility to corrosion, in order to ensure the operating quality of the system we need to consider the following factors:

  • Flow control range
  • Pressure drop
  • Expected power consumption

Typical applications of the globe valve include:

  • Cooling water system where flow needs to be adjusted.
  • Fuel oil systems have regulated flow and water tightness is critical.
  • For steam and plumbing systems requiring tightness and safety are the main concerns
  • For water supply, food, chemistry, drainage and condensate air extraction
  • Boiler cap, drain hose, main vent and drain drain
  • Turbine lubricant systems

The common terms for Globe Valves are according to their links, connections and materials and properties:

  • Van cầu nối bích/ Van cầu lắp bích/ Van cầu mặt bích/
  • Van cầu gang nối bích/ Van cầu gang lắp bích/ Van cầu gang mặt bích
  • Van cầu gang tay quay/ Van cầu gang tay quay nối bích/ Van cầu gang tay quay lắp bích/ Van cầu gang tay quay mặt bích
  • Van cầu nối ren/ Van cầu lắp ren/Van cầu đồng nối ren/ Van cầu đồng lắp ren/ Van cầu gang nối ren (lắp ren)
  • Van cầu tay quay lắp ren/ Van cầu tay quay nối ren/ Van cầu tay vặn nối ren/ Van cầu tay vặn lắp ren
  • Van cầu hơi nối bích/ Van cầu hơi lắp bích/ Van hơi yên ngựa lắp ren lắp bích/ Van cầu chữ ngã chữ S
  • Van cầu yên ngựa/ Van cầu gang yên ngựa/ Van cầu gang chữ ngã (chữ S)/ Van cầu tay quay/ Van cầu tay vặn

Indeed, the globe valve has many ways to name it, but in general, the valve is the ball valve in the way of materials such as the cast iron ball valve, the copper ball valve is also the linker which identifies the type of the ball valve according to the connection.

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