Specializing in providing solutions for water treatment and industrial equipments

Company Overview

ANCES Co.,Ltd was established in August 2019.

Philosophy of Business

For Customers : We always listen, select and offer products and services to satisfy our individual customers .  

For Partners : We always want to build the long term cooperation , win-win to our partners.

For Our Employees : We aim  to create a safe working environment where all peoples together work and enjoy 

Products and Services

  • Solution for reducing corrosion, scales, slime for Cooling Tower, Cooling Water Pipe, Boiler by Nakagawa Chemicals.
  • Industrial Equipement : Boiler, Cutting tools, Forklift Ramp, Conveyor belt, SMC Water Tank (SMC panel )…
  • Industrial Valves, Carbon Steel Pipes, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Fittings, Metering Pump, Gasket for Chemical, Expansion Joints …for Building, Foods Factory, Chemical Factory …
  • LED lights for Public Area, Street, Factory.
  • Clean service for Cooling Tower & Boiler.
  • Support & Export Industrial Vietnamese Products for Asian Market

To provide The Water Treatment’s solution and The Industrial Equipments

why Choose us

our Products

Genuine and Variety products with the support of experts , experiences engineers from Vietnam, Japan, Germany, China, Korea...We hope to provide the good product , effective and economical solution to customer.

Our company wants to bring the products and solutions with efficiency and economy to customer.

our team

Our team are young and dynamic sales staffs who enthusiastically handle , Flexibility to select & consult the suitable product for each requirement according to customer needs.

We are committed to providing genuine products, affordable prices, the best delivery time with thoughtful after-sales.

Well trained technical team,  we hope to provide the consulting services, professional maintenance, safety work and on time.

With the aim of providing environment-friendly, advanced modern technology and products, we are always looking for and selecting reliable partners with guaranteed quality to meet more and more higher requirements of domestic market